Bagluxe giveaway

Bags. I love bags. Oh my God i love them so much. So i’m pretty excited that Bagluxe is giving away 30 bags to celebrate their website launch. You can enter it on facebook, here.
Oh, and for my recent giveaway, there’s no winner because i didn’t make it to the final. But i really really thank all people who had spent their time to vote and help me. I feel blessed for having such wonderful friends, and i realized it more after i joined the contest. Thank you again everybody 🙂
So, anyone excited about the 30 bags too? :p


2 Tanggapan to “Bagluxe giveaway”

  1. yayaya…saya juga suka tas, tapi tas kresek hehehe..

  2. blogwalking 🙂 kunjungan baliknya ditunggu.thnks

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