Contest Outfit – Nude Sweater and Green Tulip Skirt

Those who had been bothered by my tweets, chats, wall posts, texts, etc, when i joined the Fimela fashion contest, i really really thank you all. When i got pick as semifinalist, i got so excited because it was my first time join a contest like that. I ask my friend’s help, Kristianto Aryo, a med student who has passion in photography, for a photoshoot. It was fun during the process. Chose the outfits, make up, decided the place, and off course the photoshoot. Thanks to Wawe and Alva who helped and accompanied me during the session. And thanks again to all of you who voted for me 🙂

I didn’t win the contest, though. Fimela took 10 finalists to be interviewed, then it got up to only 1 winner who got a chance to go to Paris and attended Paris Fashion Week. Hope i could go there someday, hehee 😀

By the way, this is what i wore for the contest




what i wore : Zara sweater, Gaudi skirt, Charles & Keith heels, Loly Poly bangles and bracelet, Alexander Christie watch

Actually i prepared another cloth for the contest, and did a photoshoot with that cloth as well, but i chose this one to be sent.

Well, what do you think of the outfit? 😀


8 Tanggapan to “Contest Outfit – Nude Sweater and Green Tulip Skirt”

  1. Love this look! So cute!
    You should really do more outfit posts…you are really good at it!

    • Aww, i feel sooo flattered you’re saying that, hehe. I’m thinking about it now, still looking on an idea how to take photos by myself. Tried it twice, and it’s kinda difficult. Btw, thanks for your support, i appreciate it a lot!


  2. love that turquaise skirt!

  3. The colors are great and I love how it flows.

  4. such a beautiful skirt! xx

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