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Posted in kagak jelas with tags , , , , , on September 28, 2012 by s H a

Who doesn’t love shopping? Anyone? I guess not, hehe. Everyone loves it. Roaming around the store, picking a cute skirt or top, trying them one by one, and then confuse which one to buy, hahahaa. For those online shopping lovers, the fun is just the same. We search all the web to find the most beautiful shoes we’d like to put in our closet, am i right?

For shoppers, the most beautiful thing to hear is SALE. It makes me itchy already, haha 😀 This is 2 of discounts that i want to share with you. First is on Zalora Indonesia website. I’m eyeing some of the things there, but still can’t decide which one should i take. Here they are…

Sorry for the bad quality of image. The picture that i saved is very small. I try to make them a little big, and here they come. Well, maybe you should see buy yourself on the web.

Number 2 is 25% discount from AdorableProject Indonesia. They give discount for just 2 days, starting from today, Sept 28 until Sept 29. The discount is for Premium shoes and bags only. Here are few i like..

So, which one do you like? Do you have any other sale info? Please share with me 🙂

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